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Check Meowt

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There's nothing like the unconditional love of a cat. They show you affection & give you a sense of purpose. This gift basket will allow you to return the affection to your furry feline.

This "Check Meowt" basket boast an array of items that you & your cat will enjoy. Let's start off with "The Crazy Cat Lady" book that describes the humorous things you find yourself doing with your cat. Next this basket offers a cardboard scratch board with catnip & flea & tick medicine. Now that your cat is soothed let's have some fun with your feline. With "The Cat Selfies (14 props) you can take endless pictures especially with your cat jumping in the air with the included toy rattles. In order to keep your kitty's litter box clean, this gift basket provides a kitty litter scoop & disposable liners. Also, this basket furnishes "Temptation treats for your cat & cat clips to seal your bags up. If that is not enough why don't we just spoil my owner with this "Check Meowt" candle & mug. Who wouldn't love this basket?

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